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Vieb is a cloud-based solution designed to make it easier to run your disability and community-based service.

We’re getting rid of the unnecessary piles of paper and making communication, record-keeping and managing your staff and participants simpler.

You can run your entire team across multiple sites with Vieb’s built-in modules that cater for your unique service needs. Use the online dashboard to manage staff, finances, participant files and reporting while your staff use the linked mobile app to manage their day and cut their data entry time significantly.

Vieb’s here to help you and your team spend less time on admin and more time on service delivery.


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Staff scheduling that meets participant needs

Vieb will automatically match them with participants based on needs, preferences, skills, location and availability. Staff can accept or reject shifts via the app and you can see what still needs to be covered at a glance.

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Timesheets and paper rosters be gone

Roster with confidence with the staff utilisation feature. Improve staff retention by staying on top of what your staff need, how busy they are and where other staff could take on more support hours.

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Manage records, requests and reports easily

See detailed participant records, staff claims for expense reimbursement, handover and shift reports, and note sleep disturbances for overnight and on-call shifts. Staff submit via the mobile app and you review and approve with just one click.

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Fast Contact Tracing

Quickly see all the staff and participants who may have been exposed to COVID-19 – or other infectious conditions that may require a rapid response strategy. You can produce a report of all potential cross-infection in seconds allowing you to reduce risk and help contact tracers.

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Maximise Participant Funds

Easily monitor the NDIS service agreements of your participants including what supports they’re entitled to, how much has been used and what’s remaining. Maximise what your participants can access to achieve their goals.

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Stay on top of your participant audits

Never be unprepared for an audit again. Easily track which of your participant files are audit-ready and which still have outstanding actions. A percentage missing indicator lets you know just how much work is ahead of you.

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Keep track of staff needs

Keep track of performance reviews, contracts, skill updates, security clearances, medical requirements and screenings through Vieb staff profiles. Staff get push notifications when licences and registrations are expiring so nothing gets missed.

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Effortlessly collect and review feedback

Receive incident reports, complaints and feedback to make your service better and your staff happier. See at a glance how many issues are open, their root cause and next steps. You can even set reminders for staff to provide their feedback at regular intervals.

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Referrals made easy

Monitor and review every referral or inquiry for support with reminder notifications at pre-set intervals to make sure you never lose track of a potential referral again.

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Quick and easy communication

Need to send an alert to your team? Send single or bulk SMS and email that are automatically file-noted, delivered straight to your staff.

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Finance Integrations

Key integrations for Payroll and Accounting are no problem for Vieb. We are building integrations with 3rd-party software packages as we grow, with integration for payroll and accounting functions to ensure time-sheets and appointments can be transparently linked to your payroll or accounts software.

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Employee Onboarding

Staff can receive their employment documents and return them without the tedious data entry. Your employee can be set up quickly and get access to what they need straight away. Requires 3rd party software integration


We’ve made it easy for you to manage changing demand and workforce fluctuations.

Just pay per active participant, per month or purchase an annual set-price access licence.

Contact us for a quote today.


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If you own or manage a disability service and need to streamline your processes or better understand your customers and staff, contact us to discuss our how software can help you find your Vieb.

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